Student Group Supporters Arrested At A Public College For Exercising Their Constitutional Rights

My 2008 Testimony




Michelle, Nathan, and Issac were arrested for distribution—not of drugs or illegal substances, but of pocket-sized American Constitutions. The First Amendment of the Constitution grants citizens the right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. But for some reason, administrators didn’t like the Constitution being handed out on campus. Watch the video to learn more.

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Donald Trump? Joe Biden? Who needs to watch those guys debate when the real 2020 election action is between Wonald Grump and Ben Hiden! That’s right! And, who better to moderate this epic face off than our own intrepid moderator, Achmed The Dead Journalist?! Let me know who you think won this round. Grump or Hiden?

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9/11 shocked America and changed the course of modern history. Everyone knows what happened on that day…right? The truth is, many young people don’t, but they need to. CJ Pearson explains why.

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