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JoeMy name is Joe Camilleri and this is my website.  I have an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Michigan and have over 25 years of experience in design and automation.  I specialize in automating procedures for the Windows operating system.  I have designed and developed a suite of PC control tools which include audit software and a software distribution system.  I can help you with your web site and automation needs.

PassionWind started out as a learning exercise and has now grown into a fairly complex website.  Everything is database-driven and was built from scratch.  The blog posts, games and PowerPoint templates have been programmed to updated periodically - a new template is published every Tuesday, a new game every Friday, and a new blog post is published daily.

Syndicated Feeds

You can subscribe to my syndicated feeds for games, blog posts, and PowerPoint templates for contemporary church services.  A web feed management tool such as FeedBurner can be used to read syndicated feeds.

My site also consumes other syndicated feeds and displays them.  Clicking on a link on these pages will take you to the website which created the content.  These websites are safe to the best of my knowledge.  I use these sites on a regular basis and simply share them here.  However, I have no control over the content of a 3rd party website.

Why Should I Read The Tech Blog?

The Tech page compiles internet and technical security news.  Hackers and cyber-criminals pose a security threat to every computer on the internet.  They try to gain control of your computer for a variety of reasons ranging from identity theft to assembling an army of bots to attack a larger target at an appointed time.  Will they target your computer?  Count on it!

Please note that I do not write these articles and I claim no credit for them.   I simply consume the available feeds and make them available on my site.  I am in no way assuming credit for another person’s work.

No Ads and No Spyware

A major feature of my website is that there are no annoying ads slowing down and cluttering each page.  I do not make any money at this (although I would like to).  This website is simply a hobby.

PassionWind maintains its own website statistics without using a 3rd-party application like awstats.  I only collect the IP address, time of day, and the page viewed.  That tells me which pages are the most popular and from which parts of the world.  Once again, this started as an exercise in tracking website usage.

Evans Syndrome

In 2007 and again in 2010, I was disgnosed with Evans Syndrome - a rare autoimmune disorder in which the body produces antibodies that destroy the red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells.  It has no known cause.  If you are interesred, you may read about my struggles with this disease by following the links in the left margin on this page.

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