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Passion Wind offers games to host on your personal or non-profit website free of charge. These games may be freely copied, distributed, and hosted on your website so long as they are not modified from their original versions, and all links and copyright notices remain intact. Please link back to my site and spread the word.
Wings of Glory
 283    12/31/2010   Get the swf file
gameFly your WWII fighter to protect the Allied forces.
Santa Blob
 287    12/24/2010   Get the swf file
gameIt's Christmas eve and Santa is preparing for his annual present delivery. Santa has a big appetite and needs a snack prior to the arduous task, so he decides to take a small detour and catch himself some fish for dinner!
Toastache Xmas
 288    12/17/2010   Get the swf file
gameMr Toastache is back again to enchant and impress us with his witty peronality, lovely moustache and never ending hunger for butter.
Under Construction
 280    12/10/2010   Get the swf file
gamePick up and place the blocks in the wall. Try not leave any single holes. If you get stuck, use the limited Sledge Hammer or Cement power up's! Get rid of a block you've picked up by dropping it in the green bin.
Penguin Diner 2
 279    12/3/2010   Get the swf file
gameSeat customers, take their orders, serve them food and drink, then pick up their bill.
Runaway Train
 278    11/26/2010   Get the swf file
gameHow fast can you get around the insane sky rail network? Try to beat the clock and avoid getting snagged by obstacles!
Golfman Xtreme
 277    11/19/2010   Get the swf file
gameThis is a simple game of aiming and skill, mixed in with gory violence. You're an insane golfer out for revenge. Your primary objective is to kill all the people looking out their apartment windows
Bed And Breakfast
 276    11/12/2010   Get the swf file
gameCan you run a bed and breakfast? See how your time management skills hold up in this fun fast-paced game!
 275    11/5/2010   Get the swf file
gameCollect groups of jems to remove them from the board. This one is challenging.
Youda Survivor
 274    10/29/2010   Get the swf file
gameFight off pirates, survive, and protect an entire tribe in this epic adventure! Use all your skills to survive the scorching sun and unordinary conditions on this mysterious island.
Street Rally
 273    10/22/2010   Get the swf file
gameRace through city streets in your monster truck! Bonus points and a speed boost given for squashing pedestrians.
Color Blast
 272    10/15/2010   Get the swf file
gameClear the balls by forming groups of 3 or more balls of the same color.
Brain Twister
 271    10/8/2010   Get the swf file
gameThis is a tricky and challenging puzzler-skill game. Your objective is to get to the exit. You do this by jumping on and around platforms, rotating the screen and by shifting from the foreground to the background and back again.
Bike Champ 2
 270    10/1/2010   Get the swf file
gameRide your bike through the many challenging levels
B29 Assault
 269    9/24/2010   Get the swf file
gameYour objective is to go to critical world locations and destroy the terrorist threat that has control of the streets.
Big Bucks
 268    9/17/2010   Get the swf file
gameThis is a real-time property development board game. Unlike other board games, everyone is playing the game at the same time. Your objective is to bankrupt the other players and make the maximum amount of money.
Penguin War
 267    9/10/2010   Get the swf file
gameThe penguins have been fighting for centuries trying to dominate Antarctica. Your mission is simple, choose your side, and then overcome the enemy by getting your units to overrun the enemy igloo base!
Governor of Poker 3
 266    9/3/2010   Get the swf file
gameHowdy! Finally it's there, Governor of Poker 2! Packed with lots and lots of extras and great new features, challenges, and enemies to defeat.
Point and Click Advanced
 265    8/27/2010   Get the swf file
gameThe game focuses completely on mouse-based actions. It tests the user's skill through a number of mini-games that focus on speed, control, accuracy and reaction time.
Stunt Master
 264    8/20/2010   Get the swf file
gameComplete each stunt by making it to the camera crew. You can use a car, motorcycle, or just run.
Clandestine Breakout
 263    8/13/2010   Get the swf file
gameUse your wits and cunning to escape the house in time at all cost!
Mr Toastache
 262    8/6/2010   Get the swf file
gameHelp Mr Toastache on his travels in this fun, yet simple game. How far can you get before Mr Toastache becomes toast?
Bike Champ
 261    7/30/2010   Get the swf file
gameRide your bike like a pro and earn stunt points.
Building Blaster 2
 260    7/23/2010   Get the swf file
gameDeploy tools and explosives, adjust the timers, and demolish the structures.
Life Ark 5
 259    7/16/2010   Get the swf file
gameFollowing their monumental escape from the monster blackhole, The Life Arkeans travelled through non-space to enter an entirely new universe. After eons of travel they come across a suitable solar system of planets, with one inhabited world... the Earth!
Noodle Shop
 258    7/9/2010   Get the swf file
gameHow good r u with noodles? Run this noodle shop and look after the customers, server 'em up the best noodles in the world.
Crazy Nails
 257    7/2/2010   Get the swf file
gameEver wanted to shoot things with a nail gun? Well, here's your chance!
Youda Safari
 256    6/25/2010   Get the swf file
gameGive all the tourists a once in their lifetime holiday experience! Guide your visitors past crazy monkeys, rebellious rhinos and hilarious hippos, mind the lions in the way and look for many more wicked wildlife animals in this lovely game park game!
Zombie Man 2
 255    6/18/2010   Get the swf file
gameThe zombies are taking over! In this game you play both human and zombie. Avoid drain covers because if you fall in them you lose hitpoints. You can only kill the zombie dog with a mine and watch out for crazy robots.
Tower 101
 254    6/11/2010   Get the swf file
gameYou have 100 bricks to play with as you try to stack the tower as high as you can. Be careful otherwise your tower will tumble over!
Sim Taxi 5
 253    6/4/2010   Get the swf file
gameAnother day in the big city.. from a taxi drivers point of view!
Big Battle Tanks
 252    5/28/2010   Get the swf file
gameAn updated version of the classic tank game. Choose your trajectory and don't forget to account for the wind.
Orb Eater
 251    5/21/2010   Get the swf file
gameFly your craft and catch the orbs in this strangely addictive game.
Mental Murder
 250    5/14/2010   Get the swf file
gameYour job is to help Fred, Walter and Greg escape capture and get to their home in the country. Can you do it? Solve the puzzles and save their lives.
Tank 2009
 249    5/7/2010   Get the swf file
gameThis is it - the War of the Tanks is in it's final catastrophic stages. The rebels are on the run, but don't get too cocky, as they are still a force to be reckoned with.
The Knocker
 248    4/30/2010   Get the swf file
gameHave fun demolishing buildings!
 247    4/23/2010   Get the swf file
gameThe wise old forest wizard has provided a watchful eye over the kingdom for over 1000 years.
Zoo Escape
 246    4/16/2010   Get the swf file
gameA breakout is planned by the farm animals from the petting zoo! Enough is enough! They can no longer deal with kids touching them, poking them, prodding them, screaming at them. They must get out or die trying!
Hot Date Hunter
 245    4/9/2010   Get the swf file
gameYou're a hot chick out to get yourself a man, even if it means killing all the geeks that get in your way.
Legend of the Golden Bird
 244    4/2/2010   Get the swf file
gameAfter your city trip to Amsterdam, this time you have chosen for a relaxing holiday. A trip to tropical paradise. No way anything will come in between that can disturb this! It all seems peaceful, but again the journey will be nothing you expected it to b
The Leon Wars
 243    3/26/2010   Get the swf file
gameThe objective of this game is to conquer the free lands, expand your domain and exterminate the opposition.
Stunt Bike Draw 3
 242    3/19/2010   Get the swf file
gameIt's stunt bike drawing in another galaxy! Draw your jumping ramps, rev your engine and try to jump over the freaky alien beings without killing them or yourself!
 241    3/12/2010   Get the swf file
gameA new twist to spot the difference games! There are 4 near identical images - each image has one change not present in the others. Your objective is simple, find that difference for each image - total 4 differences per level.
Bloodbath Bay
 240    3/5/2010   Get the swf file
gameYou are the last hope against the zombie outbreak; scientists believe that the only cure can be found under the sea - a rare kind of snail. It is up to you to find them and save mankind in this action-packed, deep-sea thriller of a game.
 239    2/26/2010   Get the swf file
gameThe cog factory has cut back on it's workforce leaving only you in charge of sorting all the cogs used to make their 'machine'.
Air Traffic Chief
 238    2/19/2010   Get the swf file
gameKeep track of the incoming and outgoing traffic of a busy airport! Guide the planes and helicopters to a safe landing, making sure to avoid any accidents!
 237    2/12/2010   Get the swf file
gameElastoman to the rescue! Bounce your way around the city saving the tied up people.
Battle Over Berlin
 236    2/5/2010   Get the swf file
gameBattle your way in the skies of berlin for aerial supremacy.. How good are you at dogfighting?
Arms Dealer
 235    1/29/2010   Get the swf file
gameBuy passports, fly around and trade weapons!
Urban Sniper 2
 234    1/22/2010   Get the swf file
gameCunning and skilled enough to make the hit? Find your mark and become the urban sniper! The objective of the game is to follow the mission and kill the targets. You have limited bullets and your accuracy is calculated so don't waste ammunition.
Legend Amsterdam
 233    1/15/2010   Get the swf file
gameThe dark influence of an old curse still taunts the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Puzzling through old city mysteries and searching for clues you might be on the biggest quest you have ever experienced.
Baby Blimp
 232    1/8/2010   Get the swf file
gameBaby Blimp is a highly addictive Priority management game. You are the stork manager, you are in control and you are responsible.
Sim Air Traffic
 231    1/1/2010   Get the swf file
gameManage a busy airport, keeping track of landings, flights, refuellings and taxis in this challenging sim game!
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