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Passion Wind offers games to host on your personal or non-profit website free of charge. These games may be freely copied, distributed, and hosted on your website so long as they are not modified from their original versions, and all links and copyright notices remain intact. Please link back to my site and spread the word.
100th New
 318    12/30/2011   Get the swf file
game100th is a short but deep puzzle platformer with a fairly simple difficulty curve, plus optional and difficult challenge branches. It is not extremely difficult to complete, but there are a lot of secrets for those hardcore completionists out there.
Drows Fury
 346    12/23/2011   Get the swf file
gameDrows Fury is a top-down fantasy action Role Playing Game. You are a dark elf weapons master who has escaped from the underworld to save your princess from the Dark Lords followers who want to sacrifice her in a black magic ritual.
18 Wheeler
 345    12/16/2011   Get the swf file
gameThe objective of the game is to park the truck into designated parking areas before the time runs out. Try to finish the levels as quick as possible to get more points. You lose points when you crash the truck so be careful.
Super Type
 326    12/9/2011   Get the swf file
gameIt's fast, it's simple, it's awesome. How well can you type? Can you make the combos for a larger score?
Asteroid Mining Empire
 343    12/2/2011   Get the swf file
gameThe space mining industry is a cruel and harsh world to exist in. Precious asteroid nodes are viciously defended for their minerals. Expand your empire through the cosmos and eliminate all competition.
School Bus License
 344    11/25/2011   Get the swf file
gameDeliver all the pupils to school on time, without crashing into anything! Do well, and you'll be a full-blown bus driver! Good luck!
Pet Soldiers
 341    11/18/2011   Get the swf file
gameTry to defend your base against the enemy force using your excellent time-management skills.
Fly Pie
 340    11/11/2011   Get the swf file
gameGrab the flies to make a pie before the time runs out.
Endless Horde
 339    11/4/2011   Get the swf file
gameSelect your fighter, and fight for survival. How many rounds of combat can you get through before the zombies rip in into tiny sushi sized pieces and eat your brains?
Freeway Fury
 338    10/28/2011   Get the swf file
gameDrive fast and beat the other guys. If your car gets damaged take someone else's car.
Private Brian
 330    10/21/2011   Get the swf file
gameSave Us From Private Brian is a bloody top-down shooter where a merciless Space-Marine mistakenly lands on a medieval fantasy world of poor cavemen! Why leave when you've the chance to train a bit and test your deadly weaponry?
Pizza Boy
 329    10/14/2011   Get the swf file
gameDeliver pizza from your speed boat.
Boxhead Nightmare
 328    10/7/2011   Get the swf file
gameDefend your base against the onslaught of zombies.
Die Puny Humans
 327    9/30/2011   Get the swf file
gameOld style game. Destroy the earth with your alien force.
Alexender The Great
 325    9/23/2011   Get the swf file
gameConquer the ancient world in this real time strategy warfare game.
 323    9/16/2011   Get the swf file
gameGrab your tennis racquet and your sweatbands as you play through the tournament to win that trophy.
 324    9/9/2011   Get the swf file
gameLearn how to fly and maneuver the plane. Engage in the different missions. The goal is to safely take off, fly, and land in the next airport, but do not crash!
Skyscraper Defense
 322    9/2/2011   Get the swf file
gameThis is a fast-paced tower defence-attack game. Requires quick thinking and good strategy to win.
Shotgun Orc
 320    8/26/2011   Get the swf file
gameYour orc friends have all been wiped out by your enemies. Them suddenly a strange portal appears before your eyes and out pops a weapon of great destruction. Revenge time!
Youda Farmer 3
 321    8/19/2011   Get the swf file
gameRebuild your farm after the terrible storm
Season of War
 319    8/12/2011   Get the swf file
gameSeason of War is a Real Time Strategy game. Choose your side and win all 7 battles to complete the war campaign and learn how the story ends. To win each battle you must destroy all enemy headquarters before the enemy destroys yours.
 316    8/5/2011   Get the swf file
gameYou are a ninja so go do ninja stuff in this role playing game.
Crush The Castle 2
 317    7/29/2011   Get the swf file
gameUse your catapult to crush your enemy's castles. Very simple but addictive game,
Star Defense
 315    7/22/2011   Get the swf file
gamePlace your defense satellites in orbit around tour planet to defend against the incoming bad guys.
Bed and Breakfast 3
 314    7/15/2011   Get the swf file
gamePrepare yourself for the awesome sequel to the Bed and Breakfast series. Run your bed and breakfast and turn it into an international hotel with casinos, cafes and much more!
X Striker
 313    7/8/2011   Get the swf file
gameYour city is being overrun with gangsters! Use your police force resources to stop them.
Word Mountain
 312    7/1/2011   Get the swf file
gameJourney across the land climbing the highest mountains in the world. In this universe, you climb by typing words. The faster you type, the faster you climb. Watch out for the evil computer climber, he's always trying to climb faster than you!
Bit Shift
 311    6/24/2011   Get the swf file
gameDodge the bullets and destroy the enemy.
Darkbase Alien
 310    6/17/2011   Get the swf file
gameThis realtime strategy game is a spinoff to the Xplored game Darkbase. You will lead your alien army in battle against the invading human army.
Dry Fire
 309    6/10/2011   Get the swf file
gameYou have a big cannon. Lots of little stick soldiers attack you. Have fun blasting!
 308    6/3/2011   Get the swf file
gameHow good are your golfing skills? Smash the glasses on each level and try to figure out the puzzles.
Parachute Retrospect
 307    5/27/2011   Get the swf file
gameDrop your man into the truckload of cotton to survive.
I Love Traffic
 306    5/20/2011   Get the swf file
gameGet the cars through the intersections without incident if you can,
Mummy Defence
 305    5/13/2011   Get the swf file
gameTwo Egyptian empires striving to gain control. Your objective is to defeat the opposing force and obliterate its palace.
Cargo Master 2
 304    5/6/2011   Get the swf file
gameAre you up to the challenge of running a successful transport company? This skill game will test you to your limits! Good luck and try not to lose too much freight!
Felix Lost in Time
 303    4/29/2011   Get the swf file
gameHelp get felix back from the past and into the present! Yep, it's a phuzzling - action game!
 300    4/22/2011   Get the swf file
gameTry to help Mr Bot get to the exit by lighting up all the floor platform thingies! We don't want him to fall to his death, do we?
Mystery of Easter Island
 301    4/15/2011   Get the swf file
gameHumanity alone can no longer take sufficient steps to counter impending doom. You discover a fragment of information in an ancient text that speaks of the Guardians. With this information you continue your search on Easter Island.
Slap Gaddafi
 302    4/8/2011   Get the swf file
gameSlap Gaddafi with a shoe to shut him up. Hold down the mouse button while sweeping across his face to slap him.
Bed and Breakfast 2
 299    4/1/2011   Get the swf file
gameRun and expand a bed and breakfast hotel! How good are your time management skills?
Rex Run
 298    3/25/2011   Get the swf file
gameRun Rex, run! How far can you take Rex through the canyons of death?
Social War
 297    3/18/2011   Get the swf file
gameDefeat the opposing army if you can.
 296    3/11/2011   Get the swf file
gameBlocky is lost! Can you help him get home? He needs to land square on the home space to complete the level.
Doughnut Empire
 295    3/4/2011   Get the swf file
gameRun your donut business, upgrade your store, create tasty donuts, keep your customers happy, watch the weather and sell, sell, SELL!
Run Man
 294    2/25/2011   Get the swf file
gameYou're an alien on the run! Your only hope for survival is to blast your way to freedom and shoot all who get in your way! How far can you get before you are overcome by the freaky creatures of Planet X?
Zoo Escape 2
 293    2/18/2011   Get the swf file
gameIt is your task to solve the puzzles on each level to allow the animals to roll to freedom! Use various objects in each level to grant freedom to each animal.
The Great War
 290    2/11/2011   Get the swf file
gameIn the final stages of World War I victory is in sight, but there are still battles to be fought and won. As part of the allied war effort, it is your task to protect selected bases, wipe out remaining German forces, and bring an end to the war.
Cargo Master
 282    2/4/2011   Get the swf file
gameLoad up your truck at the docks and try to make your freight deliveries before your time runs out.
Star Sprint
 281    1/28/2011   Get the swf file
gameClick the mouse button to flip your character to collect objects and avoid obstacles and meteors. He will build up speed automatically.
Tank 2010
 286    1/21/2011   Get the swf file
gameThe battle of the tanks is on again. In the last encounter the rebel forces were defeated, but some escaped. They have now regrouped and it is up to you to clear the planet of this vermin.
Shadez 2
 285    1/14/2011   Get the swf file
gameA real time war strategy game
Monster Master
 284    1/7/2011   Get the swf file
gameAn addictive role playing card game
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