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Free games without annoying ads on the page!  A new game is added every Friday.
Passion Wind offers games to host on your personal or non-profit website free of charge. These games may be freely copied, distributed, and hosted on your website so long as they are not modified from their original versions, and all links and copyright notices remain intact. Please link back to my site and spread the word.
Bounzy Christmas
 405    12/28/2012   Get the swf file
gameHelp Santa get the toys under control.
 402    12/21/2012   Get the swf file
gameBlast the viruses to keep them from escaping. Combine at least three colors to kill the viruses.
Pretender 3
 401    12/14/2012   Get the swf file
gameHelp the lost souls escape from their prison.
Bubble Hit
 400    12/7/2012   Get the swf file
gameClear the bubbles by connecting at least three of the same color.
 399    11/30/2012   Get the swf file
gameIt is your solemn duty to phuzzle your way through this game and help the like-colored monsters to get together. The fate of the monster world and their happiness is firmly in your hands.
The Descent
 398    11/23/2012   Get the swf file
gameYou are trapped in a cave with some hungrey blind beasts with big, sensitive ears!
Escape From The Thing
 397    11/16/2012   Get the swf file
gameWhile running from the THING, you corner yourself in an attic. You need to make sure it can not break down the door and get in - then you have to make your escape.
 396    11/9/2012   Get the swf file
gameDomiHammi is a puzzle game that will put your wits and lateral thinking to the test. It is a fun 24 level adventure for all ages where experimenting and clever thinking is a must!
Backyard Buzzing
 395    11/2/2012   Get the swf file
gameBuild and command your troops in this big strategy game on micro scale, and become the ruler of the backyard.
 394    10/26/2012   Get the swf file
gameThe furrbles love finding new friends! Its your job to match them with one another so that they can parrrrtttyy!
Tower Defence Generals
 393    10/19/2012   Get the swf file
gameBuild your defenses and try to stop the enemy from escaping.
 392    10/12/2012   Get the swf file
gameGuide the robosnake to accumulate body parts.
Endless War 6
 391    10/5/2012   Get the swf file
gameWe have been attacked. Take your tank and crush the invasion.
 390    9/28/2012   Get the swf file
gameKill zombies
Anti-Cast 2
 389    9/21/2012   Get the swf file
gameLeon returned to the world of Aura to save Sara. Things didnt turn out as he expected.
 388    9/14/2012   Get the swf file
gameYoure the last best hope for your people. Stop the attacking enemy force with the one remaining super laser cannon your dying civilisation has!
 387    9/7/2012   Get the swf file
gameA tricky darts game against computer opponents of varying ability. Its the best of 5 legs, first one to 3.
5 Minute Finder
 386    8/31/2012   Get the swf file
gameThis is a simple hidden objects game for fans of this game genre! How many rounds can you complete before your pencil is used up and your time runs out?
Mini Metro Racers
 385    8/24/2012   Get the swf file
gameRemember when you had fun playing with toy cars as a kid? Relive those memories with Mini Metro Racers! Race miniature cars around wacky tracks and try to win.
 384    8/17/2012   Get the swf file
gameSolve the puzzle to escape from the maze.
Fairytale Annihilation
 383    8/10/2012   Get the swf file
gameFix your helicopter and escape from Candyland if you can.
 382    8/3/2012   Get the swf file
gameThe objective is to collect all the underground eggs in one continuous line and then get your head to the exit.
Nightmare on Pink Street
 380    7/27/2012   Get the swf file
gameSee how long you can evade the pink cuddly animals who want to hug and squeeze you to death.
Flick Headers Euro 2012
 379    7/20/2012   Get the swf file
gameThis is kind of like volleyball with your head.
Ultimate Cruise
 378    7/13/2012   Get the swf file
gameRun a cruise liner business and get rich! Sail the Seven Seas, upgrade your ship, buy new facilities, look after your passengersand entertain them.
Front To Back
 374    7/6/2012   Get the swf file
gameThis is a tricky and challenging puzzler-skill game. Your objective is to get to the exit.
Dead Tree Defender
 375    6/29/2012   Get the swf file
gameSave your base from the creepy little archers.
Save Me Ultimate
 373    6/15/2012   Get the swf file
gameSave the people jumping from the burning building!
Pirate Race
 372    6/8/2012   Get the swf file
gameRace the pirates to the island treasure and do what pirates do - play dirty.
 371    6/1/2012   Get the swf file
gameWatch the colors carefully to stay alive and defeat the enemy.
Red Shift
 370    5/25/2012   Get the swf file
gameAvoid the missles and destroy the enemy.
Pigeons Revenge 2
 369    5/18/2012   Get the swf file
gameYou are a pigeon. Your job is to poop on people. Sick but fun!
Red Wire
 368    5/11/2012   Get the swf file
gameSimple game. Move the ring through the red wire without touching the wire. Sounds easy right?
Spider Bugs
 367    5/4/2012   Get the swf file
gameConnect with other bugs in ths fast paced game.
Helistorm 2
 366    4/27/2012   Get the swf file
gameFly your helicopter and survive as long as you can.
Tank 2012
 365    4/20/2012   Get the swf file
gameYour objective is clear, destroy all who stand in your way, complete your missions, save the planet, make money, and be number 1!
D Space
 364    4/13/2012   Get the swf file
gameYour objective in this game is to conquer the galaxy and to defeat the terrible foe that stands in your way. To achieve this goal you need resources, planets, solar systems and life forms to man your ships.
Super Fireman
 363    4/6/2012   Get the swf file
gameIts fire season again! Manage your resources and try to put out all the fires before they destroy lives and property.
Pop Board
 362    3/30/2012   Get the swf file
gameRace around the board rubbing out the images before your time runs out. You must follow the correct order shown at the top of the blackboard.
Off Readers 3D
 358    3/23/2012   Get the swf file
gameDominate the tracks in Off Roaders. Take the wheel of your jeep and drive through the tracks to come first and take the victory in this 3D driving game.
Alien Bottle Buccaneer
 360    3/16/2012   Get the swf file
gameSuper fun bottle smashing flash game! After much research our hero is convinced that recycling glass bottles means shooting them all with big rubber balls.
Killer of Zombies
 359    3/9/2012   Get the swf file
gameCreepy game. Youve crash landed in the middle on nowhere. Zombies are on the horizon moving to your crash site. Defend the site or be eaten alive.
Ultimate Mamas Boy
 361    3/2/2012   Get the swf file
gameYour mission is to fight off massive waves of aliens that are coming from a lower Astral Plane.
Slam Drift
 357    2/24/2012   Get the swf file
gameIts riot time in the prison and youve managed to sneak out into the main compound. Steal the ambulance and make the police earn their paycheck. Survive as long as you can and go for the high score.
Revenge of the Stickmen
 355    2/17/2012   Get the swf file
gameA small group of stickmen are literally leaping out of their computer prison with freedom in their minds. Its up to you to stop these freaks of nature from escaping and quash the rebellion before it takes hold across the world.
 354    2/10/2012   Get the swf file
gameHave fun playing this simple marbles game! Your objective is to knock the computers marbles out of the ring or in the holes. Try to hit out smaller bonus marbles for more points!
Beach Resort
 353    2/3/2012   Get the swf file
gameYouve started a new business running a beach resort. Youre objective is to serve your customers, make money, expand the business and beat your evil competitor!
 352    1/27/2012   Get the swf file
gameYour objective is to kill your computer opponent and survive the battle round.
Hard Court
 351    1/20/2012   Get the swf file
gameA little one-on-one on the hard court.
Zombie Rampage
 348    1/13/2012   Get the swf file
gameKill the zombies and defend your base. Very bloody and rather nasty. I hate zombies!
Hoverbot Arena 2
 347    1/6/2012   Get the swf file
gameDestroy the other bots and try to survive.
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