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Free games without annoying ads on the page!  A new game is added every Friday.
Passion Wind offers games to host on your personal or non-profit website free of charge. These games may be freely copied, distributed, and hosted on your website so long as they are not modified from their original versions, and all links and copyright notices remain intact. Please link back to my site and spread the word.
 509    12/26/2014   Get the swf file
gameJump from barrel to barrel to safe Tobo the robot from drowning.
Carrot Fantasy Extreme 2
 507    12/19/2014   Get the swf file
gameDefend your Carrot from undersea monsters by building various weapons along the enemies path to help slow down and destroy them.
Apocalypse Transportation
 508    12/12/2014   Get the swf file
gameTake control of a supply truck during a time when the world is on the verge of an apocalypse and get as many resources to the bases as you can before you run out of gas.
Ninja Training Worlds
 505    12/5/2014   Get the swf file
gameGuide your Ninja through each challenge by dodging and defeating enemies and hazards.
Carrot Fantasy Extreme
 506    11/28/2014   Get the swf file
gameProtect your carrot from various monsters by placing different creatures along the path to help slow down and attack enemies.
Into Space
 504    11/21/2014   Get the swf file
gameLaunch a rocket into the skies with the goal of reaching space in the shortest amount of days possible.
Intruder: Combat Training
 503    11/14/2014   Get the swf file
gameBecome the ultimate special forces operative in this fast-paced 2D shooter.
Freeway Fury 3
 502    11/7/2014   Get the swf file
gameJump from vehicle to vehicle and let out some fury as you race through each highway strip before time runs out
Zombie Demolisher
 501    10/31/2014   Get the swf file
gameLaunch demolition balls at structures and destroy all the zombies within in this spin-off/sequel to the hit game Building Demolisher.
Rogue Soul 2
 500    10/24/2014   Get the swf file
gameBash enemies and steal their loot as you run, jump and slide through each level - completing missions along the way.
Kaboomz 2
 499    10/17/2014   Get the swf file
gameUse your cannon to pop the red balloons and to free the blue balloons.
Magic Pipes
 498    10/10/2014   Get the swf file
gameUse the different-shaped pipes to link the energy-pods in each level.
Zombie Night Madness 2
 497    10/3/2014   Get the swf file
gameHow far can you drive past the zombie gauntlet?
Mad Men Racing
 496    9/26/2014   Get the swf file
gamePick you racer and fire down the track freestyle.
Disaster Will Strike 3
 495    9/19/2014   Get the swf file
gameIf you liked Angry Birds, you will like this game too.
Nether Runner
 494    9/12/2014   Get the swf file
gameAvoid the mosters of the nether world as you try to rescue your girl
Crazy Cube
 493    9/5/2014   Get the swf file
gameConnect the colors on the cubeto advance to the next level
Street Drifting
 492    8/29/2014   Get the swf file
gameFinish each race in one of the first 3 positions to advance to the next round.
Big Truck Adventure 2
 491    8/22/2014   Get the swf file
gameDrive the cargo safely to the warehouse in your truck.
Bomb of Love
 490    8/15/2014   Get the swf file
gameFind you lost love by blowing yourself up. What?
The Descent
 489    8/8/2014   Get the swf file
gameMake your way past the monsters abd find your way out of the mine.
Endless War 7
 488    8/1/2014   Get the swf file
gameDrive your attack vehicle and destroy the enemy.
 487    7/25/2014   Get the swf file
gameFly your space fighter and shoot the evil aliens before they kill you.
 486    7/18/2014   Get the swf file
gameUse your tank to fight off the air assault.
Bridge Tactics
 485    7/11/2014   Get the swf file
gameDestroy the bridge before the enemy gets across.
Giraffe Attack
 484    7/4/2014   Get the swf file
gameSend your giraffe into space while avoiding the hostilities which try to stop you.
Bionic Bugz
 483    6/27/2014   Get the swf file
gameBattle your way through the bionic enemy bugz, collect the bonuses, the new weapons, and be the hero of the day!
 482    6/20/2014   Get the swf file
gameTroy is under siege! You must fight the enemy hordes to defend this mighty fortress
 481    6/13/2014   Get the swf file
gameUse your slingshot to shoot the cats through the openings in the wall. No cats were harmed in this really sick game.
Prison Escape
 480    6/6/2014   Get the swf file
gameBreak out of the WWII German prison before it is too late.
Castle of Terror
 479    5/30/2014   Get the swf file
gameKill monsters, zombies and vampires through 30 puzzling levels of mystery and face 2 bosses to defeat the evil that grip the castle of terror.
Tank 2012
 478    5/23/2014   Get the swf file
gameThe battle of the tanks is on again! Is this the final exciting chapter? Will you survive?
 477    5/16/2014   Get the swf file
gameAn addictive and action-packed arcade shooter. How long can you last?
Harmony of Elements
 476    5/9/2014   Get the swf file
gamePuzzle about Fire, Wind & Earth elementals who travel through different levels to reach their destination. Easy to learn & unique gameplay
Demolition City 2
 474    5/9/2014   Get the swf file
gameDemolish old buildings to make room for other things.
Warfare 1917
 475    5/2/2014   Get the swf file
gameLead your troops in WWI trench warfare.
Tower of Doom
 473    4/25/2014   Get the swf file
gameDefend your tower from the advancing army.
 470    4/18/2014   Get the swf file
gameNasty monsters are running rampant across this laboratory. Time to take ‘em out one by one!
 471    4/11/2014   Get the swf file
gameTake out the enemy arcraft by getting hit by falling bombs. What?
Color Game
 472    4/4/2014   Get the swf file
gameTake a good look at the shape and try to recreate it. Challenging and fun.
Piggy in the Puddle
 469    3/28/2014   Get the swf file
gameThis happy hog is trying to get to his favorite mud bath. Got a sec to lend him a hand?
Snail Bob 6
 467    3/21/2014   Get the swf file
gameHelp Snail Bob stay alive in this puzzle-ridden winter wonderland.
Snail Bob 5
 468    3/14/2014   Get the swf file
gameSnail Bobs come out of his shell, but his path to true love is paved with peril.
War of Racers
 466    3/7/2014   Get the swf file
gameTo win this race you have to play dirty.
 465    2/28/2014   Get the swf file
gameFly your chopper and protect the city from the arial assault.
 464    2/21/2014   Get the swf file
gameGreat version of the classic arkanoid game. Play the custom levels, or create your own levels with the level editor. Hours of classic gaming fun.
 463    2/14/2014   Get the swf file
gameDefend yourself against the evil Mutant Dictator Clones and survive as long as possible
 462    2/7/2014   Get the swf file
gameMove your light sphere through space while avoiding the obstacles.
 461    1/31/2014   Get the swf file
gameFight your way out of the situation.
Deep Creatures
 460    1/24/2014   Get the swf file
gameEscape from the cavern as fast as you can.
Random Defence
 459    1/17/2014   Get the swf file
game10 amazing and challenging tower defence maps to conquer. Are you up to the task?
3D Pong
 458    1/10/2014   Get the swf file
gameTry to bounce the ball back towards the red team, but away from its paddle. Every time you bounce the ball back you gain 10 points. Every time the red team misses the ball you gain 100 points and vice versa.
Monkey Cliff Diving
 457    1/3/2014   Get the swf file
gameMake the monkey dive when the water is at perfect depth.
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